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  1. Your Excess Abdominal Fat is Not Only Ugly, but DANGEROUS to Your Health
  2. The #1 WORST food that HARMS your brain (minimize this!)
  3. Drink THIS first thing in the morning (for more energy, better digestion, improved metabolism)
  4. This food ages your skin and joints (the MOST harmful food for your blood sugar too)
  5. These CEREALS destroy your hormones, ZAP your energy, and cause weight gain (avoid these)
  6. NEVER grill meat, unless you do this first
  7. Red wine and your GUT? (important study results)
  8. Drink this 2 hours before bed to sleep better (plus 5 tips for insomnia)
  9. These types of SATURATED fats slow aging, fight cancer, and help you lose fat (Forget about the anti-fat propaganda)
  10. Secrets You MUST Know if You Ever Want to Stand a Chance for Getting Six Pack Abs
  11. Do You Really Need Cardio?
  12. The 3 Best Ab Exercises that are NOT Direct Ab Exercises
  13. 5 Reasons that Treadmill & Elliptical Workouts SUCK
  14. How to Avoid Food Marketing Deception & Make Healthy Grocery Store Choices
  15. The Top Fat Loss Secrets for Flat Six Pack Abs
  16. Does Diet Soda Actually Make You Fat?
  17. The 7 WORST Exercises to NEVER do
  18. Why Grass-Fed Meat is So Much Healthier for You
  19. Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs and all the Carb BS in Between  
  20. Potatoes and Glycemic Index - Friend or Foe for a Lean-Body?
  21. Absurd New Fat Loss Workouts for Time Crunched Individuals
  22. The Hidden Truths about Cholesterol
  23. Good Trans Fats vs. Bad Trans Fat Revealed
  24. Healthier Choices at Fast Food Joints
  25. My Top 55 Hard-Body Health Foods
  26. New Weight Training Technique Delivers Amazing Fat Loss and Muscle Definition
  27. The Shocking Truth about Saturated Fat and it's Health Benefits
  28. For Maximum Muscle and Minimum Fat, Your Workouts Must Incorporate Both Variability and Consistency
  29. Do You Train to "Isolate" Body Parts? If So, That Could be the Reason for Your Lack of Results, and Worse, Could Make You Prone to Injury
  30. Antioxidants - Already Known for Slowing Down Aging, and Preventing Cancer and Heart Disease....But Did You Know They Also Help You Develop a Lean, Strong Body
  31. Could You be Doing Your Cardio Workouts All Wrong?
  32. Tired of the Same Old 3 Sets of 10-12? So is Your Body! Break Through Your Plateau by Training Drastically Different…..a Look at Training Variables
  33. Fat Loss for Visible Abs - Workouts, Nutrition, and Lifestyle for Success
  34. Post Workout Nutrition - Secrets for a Harder, Leaner Body
  35. Try this heart-healthy fat-burning CHILI recipe (loaded with antioxidants, protein, healthy fats)
  36. Surprising Facts about Dietary Fats - You've Been Misled by the Mass Media!
  37. Vitamin and Mineral Supplements: Are They Necessary for Optimal Health?
  38. Breakfast and Lunch Choices - How do You Score?
  39. Are Wu-Teas a Scam?  Can Tea Help with Fat Loss?
  40. Is Your Protein Bar, Energy Bar, or Nutrition Bar Really a Candy Bar in Disguise ?  
  41. Is the Sun Really "Deadly" or is Sunshine a Healthy and Vital Part of Good Health?
  42. 3 Easy Exercises for Back Pain Relief  
  43. Does microwaved food negatively affect your blood chemistry and your health?
  44. The Energy Drink Phenomenon: Mind-Body Connection the Only Reason for Results
  45. 1 Obscure trick to make ANY exercise routine WAY more effective
  46. You should NEVER eat these types of salad dressings -- my healthy alternative recipe
  47. My healthy fat-burning chocolate pudding recipe -- MMMM good!
  48. The #1 MOST important diet tip EVER
  49. Health Warning about eating salmon - farmed fish vs wild fish
  50. 7 Metabolism-Boosting Nutrients
  51. Are these 3 Vitamins actually HARMFUL to your health?
  52. Is the fish you buy TOXIC?  which fish and seafood are dangerous
  53. 2 Tips that will change your LIFE
  54. Warning:  carrying your cell phone in your pocket damages your "junk"
  55. 2 Pre-meal tricks to control your blood sugar and stay in fat-burning mode
  56. 7 Powerful Tips to NEVER get sick -- strengthen your immune system
  57. Do chemicals in canned food and bottled drinks increase your abdominal fat?
  58. Are these carcinogens in your bread and cereal?  All about acrylamides
  59. 7 High-fat foods that can help you to get a flat belly
  60. New Study:  high fructose corn syrup triggers more belly fat than plain sugar
  61. Is the area you live harming your health?  skin pigmentation and vitamin D deficiency
  62. Are sunscreens harmful?  Are they carcinogenic?  Can they increase body fat?
  63. 3 Major fat loss MISTAKES
  64. 5 muscles for a flatter stomach
  65. Can you drink alcohol and still stay lean?
  66. The missing link destroying your health - you're deficient in vitamin D
  67. The top 5 foods that help reduce blood pressure
  68. 2 Ways that corn can KILL you?
  69. My top 20 food RULES to make you lean and healthy for life
  70. 10 second trick spikes fat loss 9x
  71. Coffee - 3 tips to make your coffee super healthy
  72. The best and WORST Protein Bars - 6 Tips for choosing healthy bars
  73. 4 Examples of when veggies are NOT always good for you
  74. Top 10 super-spices that protect your body, control blood sugar, aid fat loss, and more
  75. How to order a healthier low calorie Margarita - and my Super-Human Margarita recipe
  76. 11 Ways that "whole wheat" can damage your body
  77. Is sugar toxic to your body? and addictive?
  78. This sinister ingredient is lurking in YOUR food
  79. Dairy fat (butter, cream) can PREVENT clogging of your arteries? (study results)
  80. 4 foods that accelerate AGING in your body (avoid these!)
  81. The TRUTH about yogurt (read this if you eat yogurt)
  82. Daily food plan to get PERFECT digestion (foods that harm vs heal your digestive system)
  83. Are beer, wine, cheese, spinach, tomatoes, coffee and tea good for you or bad? (you may be surprised)
  84. This "healthy" food DAMAGES your heart (causes artery stress)
  85. Do potatoes have a toxin that harms your body? (what you need to know if you eat potatoes)
  86. The truth about BACON (surprising)
  87. What is the "perfect" workout length? (5 min, 15 min, 35 min, or 90 min?)
  88. The type of VEGGIE that worsens Arthritis (plus a vitamin to be careful with too)
  89. The top 5 healthiest condiments (and the most unhealthy)

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