Listen below to the Six Pack Abs Secrets interview I did with Mandy Gibbons from Australia.  In this interview, Mandy took all of the most frequently asked questions she gets from her subscribers regarding abdominals and losing belly fat and grilled me.

Here are some of the details we cover in this info-packed 25-minute interview:

  • The most effective workout strategies for fat loss and abs development
  • The typical deadly mistakes that most people are making in their workouts
  • The best nutrition tips for losing that stubborn belly fat that covers your abs
  • Break through the confusion with all of the conflicting diets out there today
  • Debunk the most popular myths about abs training
  • Give you the low-down on why almost ALL abs "gadgets" and machines that are marketed relentlessly are mostly a total waste of money
  • The biggest mistakes most people make with their cardio routines that make them ineffective for long term fat loss

    Mandy & Mike's Six Pack Abs Secrets Interview

    You can download an mp3 version of this audio to listen on your media player or to put on your ipod and listen to later, download abs interview mp3 here (right click , and "save target as" to a directory on your computer)

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