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Whether you're looking to fight the aging process, change your diet & lifestyle, uncover sneaky weight loss tricks, or melt your stubborn stomach fat to reveal ripped abs, we have something for you!

The Fat Burning Kitchen: Your 24-Hour Diet Transformation to Make Your Body a Fat-Burning Machine

The Fat Burning Kitchen is your simple solution for eating a healthy diet that promotes PERMANENT fat loss.

In this best-selling book you're going to discover that eating for permanent fat loss and prevention of terrible diseases like diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure, or even cancer does NOT have to be complicated.

in fact, if you choose the RIGHT foods, and understand how these foods react with your body, this method is a way for you to automatically attain the right calorie level without the need to EVER count calories again.

Imagine waking up every morning FULL of energy, heading to the bathroom and looking at your reflection in the mirror and actually LOVING what you see...

... Now imagine heading to your kitchen and actually feeling good about the food and drinks you see in your refrigerator and cabinets - no more struggling trying to understand what's healthy, unhealthy, what's going to help you lose weight, what's going to make you gain weight.

Imagine how great you'll look and feel when you KNOW the foods that are actually good for you, that boost your metabolism, heal your joints, melt away stubborn fat, and fight aging are actually delicious, loaded with nutrition and satisfy your appetite!

That's what The Fat Burning Kitchen is!

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Do This, Burn Fat: 101 Sneaky, Yet Simple, Weight Loss Tricks to Lose Weight FAST!

Do This, Burn Fat was written for one purpose - to give you simple tips, tricks, and guidelines to burn as much fat possible... without following a diet, workout program, or any of the typical means of weight loss.

This is NOT a diet, nor is it a workout program .  It's simply a collection of scientifically proven tips and tricks (some strange, but all effective) to help you lose as much weight possible in the shortest amount of time.  All of the tricks are healthy, so don't worry about needing to follow some weird, unhealthy topic to weight loss.

Tricks like "The Mobile Phone Trick," "The High-Low Trick," "The Sex Trick ," "The Post-Workout Elixir,"  and "The Ab Fat Melting Trick ," just to name a few.

Some tricks are for your diet, others tips for your exercise, some mental... and some are just downright strange, but ALL of them work and work well.

Think about this - all it really takes to get you over the "weight loss hump" is 1 or 2 tweaks to your diet or exercise program, and then BAM the weight seems to fall right off.  I've seen it before, and it's amazing. This book gives you those tips, tricks, and tweaks to get you out of that plateau.

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The Top 101-Foods that FIGHT Aging

The Top 101-Foods that FIGHT aging is a ground-breaking nutrition manual designed for one thing - to FIGHT the aging process and help you to look & feel 5-10 YEARS younger , and to do it by making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle.  The "Fountain of Youth" has been discovered and it is in the foods you eat and the drinks you drink!

You'll wake up every morning feeling refreshed, revitalized, and full of energy.  No longer will you "slowly greet the day" because your joints ache, or feel like you never get enough sleep.  The days of waking up feeling young, alive, and pain free can be yours!

You'll also discover how "sinfully bad" foods like wine, chocolate, coffee, and even butter are not only good for you, but how they can help REVERSE the signs of aging to help you look and feel younger!

Not only that, but you'll heal your joints, protect your brain, supercharge your energy levels, BOOST your metabolism, control your blood sugar, and fight the deadly formation of AGEs in your body.

The benefits of this manual to your body and health are far-reaching, but the basics are that you can fight the aging process, you CAN look and feel younger, and you can start today.

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The Truth About Six Pack Abs

The Truth About Six Pack Abs has sold well over 1 MILLION copies , in multiple languages, since its publication.  It has helped thousands upon thousands of men and women, from all walks of life, finally see their abs and transform their lives.

Attaining six pack abs can be done easier than you think, but you have to have the right roadmap to get there, and this book is THE map to strong, ripped, defined abs.

You'll discover the foods you MUST eat to strip away that stubborn stomach fat, as well as the foods you must avoid at all costs that will make weight loss impossible.

Not only that, but you'll receive advanced workout strategies to burn fat in the fastest time possible, while also building lean muscle so that you not only have ripped abs, but strong abs, as well as a strong, lean, and fit all-around physique.

There are many imposters, but this is the original, and still the best.

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The Truth About Testosterone: Discover the Secrets to Boost Your Testosterone and Reclaim Your Manhood... Naturally, Safely, & Quickly

The Truth About Testosterone was written for men wanting to reclaim their manhood.  It's no secret that Testosterone levels have been dropping like a stone for the past couple decades, but the real reasons for this are varied, and sometimes complex.  Is it soley based on your nutrition, or are there environmental factors also involved?  Is simply changing your workout routine enough, or do you also need to focus on removing specific foods, while also strategically adding some?

In this ground-breaking book, co-written by best-selling author Mike Geary, and Dr. Richard Cohen, M.D., you not only discover why your Testerone levels have been dropping year-after-year, but the simple steps you can take, starting today, to boost your T-levels, and other key sex-hormones, to the levels they were in your 20s... withour dangerous prescription pills or creams, or supplements that your local "expert" told you were safe and effective.

You can naturally increase your Testosterone levels, sky-rocket your libido, increase your body's natural fat-burning ability, and RECLAIM your manhood simply, safely, and naturally.

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