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Author:  The Truth about Six-Pack Abs

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My Crazy 6-Week Overeating Experiment - Did I Gain Weight?

3 Foods that you should STOP eating !

The healthiest cheese-steak in the freakin world!

A former Vegan confesses how veganism destroyed her health


 My SuperHuman Smoothie Recipe (insane energy for an insane body!)

Are these 20+ harmful chemicals lurking in your burger?

This might be the healthiest Drink in the world - 10x the Vitamin C of orange juice

A weird way to sneak more nutrition into dinner

My 12-day carbohydrate binge experiment


My NEW healthy high-protein chocolate dessert recipe

2 types of food making you fatter - are dairy and wheat making you fat and sick?

Is canola oil really a health food miracle, or actually bad for you?

Grocery Store Mistakes in Choosing Healthy Foods

1 Day of Example Fat-Burning Meal Plans - and my hot dog confession  


3 Random Fitness Tips - involving watermelon, onions, and crazy workouts

Studies show 4 Proven Tricks to Eat Less Food and Calories

Does the "Pump" Have any Validity for Building Muscle Mass?

Are You Addicted to Aggressive Tastes? Eating habit causes weight gain

3 Foods marketing to you as "healthy" that are deceptive


3 Healthy Dessert Ideas that are "Six-Pack Abs" Friendly

Are Whole Eggs or Egg Whites Better for You?

Is Saturated Fat Actually Bad for You, or a Myth?

The "Twinkie Diet" controversy explained


How Do You Know if You're Getting Scammed with the Supplements You Buy?

How to Make Exercise Fun Again... it Won't Work if You Don't Enjoy it!

The Secret Ratio of a Proper Post-Workout Meal for Fat Loss & Muscle Building


Healthy Mid-Meal Ideas for Quick Fat Loss Foods between breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Stop Making Excuses... Why Do You Miss Workouts?

The Worst Abs Exercise Ever - Avoid This if You Actually Want Abs


Healthy Food vs Junk Foods - Does Eating Junk Equal "Living a Little"?

Can you handle this advanced workout?

Eating Healthy While Dining Out is Almost Impossible, Unless...


Healthy Nutritious Delicious Dessert Idea; Innovative New Workout Site

Motivation to Lose Weight Using Brain Science to Attain the Proper Mindset

This Food is Slowly Killing You and Your Family


Stop Cravings for Sugar & Junk Food

Unhealthy vs Healthy Cooking Oils - the surprising truth!

Losing Belly Fat with 2 Vital Strategies; Healthy Turkey-Bean Recipe


Do Artificial Sweeteners Make You Fat? Natural Alternatives and Stevia

Are There any Health Benefits to Raw Honey vs Regular Sugar?

Bodyweight Squats Muscular Endurance 5-Minute Challenge


Healthy Meal Plans for Fat Loss - My Delicious Mexican Fat Burning Recipe

Better Sleep Equals Less Body Fat... Fall Asleep Easier with These Tips

Realistic Diet Plans to Suit Your Specific Preferences... 5 Simple Steps


The Ultimate Muscle Meal... a Salad on Roids

Lose Fat Naturally... without Rip-off Supplements

Weight Loss Motivation and Attaining the Right Mindset for Success


Energy Drinks - Do They Give You Energy or Just a Fat Gut?

Beer Belly or Rock Hard Abs?

Pre-Workout Energy Drinks; Morning Workouts on an Empty Stomach


Killer Outdoor Bodyweight Workouts in 20 Minutes or Less; Sweet Mangoes Nutrition

Do You Really Need Cardio?; Peach Protein Ice Cream Recipe

The Hidden Truth about Cholesterol; Lean-Body Salmon Melt Recipe

4 "fatty" foods for a flat belly


Pumped-up Pumpkin Pie recipe; Unique Workouts for Individuals with Little Time

Sweet Chicken Spinach Pitas; Tip to Handle Sweet Treats Cravings; an Intense Workout Style with "Complexes"

Chocolate Chip Ricotta Recipe; Sweet Tooth Tip; Strongest Man Type Training; Holiday Weight Gain; Outdated Bodybuilding Routines


One of the Key Secrets to Life-Long Weight Management

Lean-Body Pizza Recipe; Secret for Succeeding with Weight Loss or Muscle Building Goals

Hard-Body Healthy Chili Recipe (delicious and interesting ingredients!)   

Why the Leg Press Machine Sucks; Delicious Healthy Turkey-Avocado-Wasabi Lunch

Looking for a Tough Workout?

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