Lose Fat Naturally without Supplements or Bogus Fat Loss Pills... Don't Fall Victim to the Scams!

by Mike Geary, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition Specialist

Hey there. It's Mike here and I wanted to talk in today's Lean-Body Secrets Ezine a little more about supplements and fat loss pills.

The fact is, I still get questions almost daily from people that are still being suckered into throwing away loads of money on worthless "fat loss" pills and "muscle building" powders due to the clever marketing behind the supplement and fat loss pill industry.

The questions come in all the time, such as:

"Mike, what types of supplements should I be taking to help me lose fat quicker?", or

"Mike, I heard about this new weight loss pill called ______ that claims I can lose more than 30 pounds in a month. Do you think I should try it?", or how about this one...

"Mike, my friend just told me about this new Mega-Mass-Gainer-8000-Nitric-Cell-Volumizer that's supposed to make me put on 20 lbs of muscle in just 3 weeks. They said to get it quickly because the feds are planning to make it illegal in a few weeks"

It absolutely blows my mind every day that so many people are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for all of these completely bogus supplements and pills, but they aren't willing to invest as little as $39 on my Truth about Six Pack Abs program , which shows them exactly how to save thousands of dollars throughout their lives by never having to buy supplements again, and discovering the training strategies and nutrition secrets (for how to eat naturally for fat loss and muscle gain) that actually get REAL fat loss results for LIFE!

Seriously, the only thing you could call a "supplement" that I've bought during the last 5 years is whey protein for mixing into my post-workout smoothies . That's it! That's about the only thing I'd even recommend including regularly. And to be honest, you could even do fine without that as well if you use some high quality natural sources of protein.

As for all of the new miracle pills that everyone asks me about....again, PLEASE don't waste any money on this stuff. This is exactly how the pharmaceutical and supplement industry makes billions off of people that are simply lazy and looking for a quick fix.

They take the quick fix pill or diet, might lose a few pounds, and they subsequently lower their metabolism by losing lean muscle. Then they gain back all of the weight plus more, in the long run.

So then when the next magic pill comes out, they buy that, make the pharmaceutical and supplement companies even richer, lose a little bit of weight again, wreck their metabolism again, eventually gain back even more than before, and go back to searching for another fad diet or magic pill.


This is an endless cycle that constantly goes on, and all that happens is these companies that promote this CRAP get richer, while the frustrated dieters get fatter. I'm serious, look at the stats...over the last 20 years, diet pills and supplements have exploded in popularity, while the population has simultaneously gotten fatter and fatter. Obviously, the pills and supplements have not solved the problem, and if anything, have only made things worse.
So what does work for true fat loss and a lean muscular body for life?

The ONLY way to lose body fat and get to a nice lean body composition and maintain it for LIFE, comes from these basic aspects:

  • Make your health a priority. With everything you eat, drink, and do, think about whether it's helping or hurting your health, and only do the things that help. If you honestly think about what you're eating and what it will do to your body before you put it in your mouth, you'll be one step closer to eating clean for life.  
  • Eat a clean healthy diet made up of natural unprocessed foods regularly, and make this a habit. Avoid even allowing yourself to buy junk or processed foods at all. There's still a TON of delicious natural foods that can satisfy your cravings and give you great nutrition at the same time.  If you can't give up junk foods altogether, choose 1 day per week as a "cheat day" and only eat your junk foods on that day (this still means not having them in your house, but getting them only for your cheat days).  
  • Make regular exercise a daily part of your life. Every single day doesn't have to include an intense workout, but try to at least workout intensely 3-4 days/week, and then at least get out and walk or ride a bike or something that involves movement almost every day.
  • Try to keep from getting stressed, and get enough sleep every night. No matter how tough everyone thinks they are and that they claim they only need 4-5 hrs of sleep per night, the studies consistently show that 7-8 hours a night is best. If you're not getting that, you're creating a metabolic environment in the body that wants to store more bodyfat.
  • And last, make sure you have the positive mental attitude where you know that you can actually achieve the body that you want. Believe me, I've worked with hundreds of people of all shapes and sizes, and I can attest that anybody can do it, but most people sabotage themselves with negative thoughts that they'll never be able to lose fat and their genetics has destined them to be overweight. That's a bunch of crap. You may never look like a fitness model, but anybody can get down to at least a reasonably lean physique if they do the right things consistently.

This mental aspect is more important than people realize, and I'll get into this more in future Ezine issues.
My last thought is that I want you to think back to how many times over the years you had the idea that you wanted to get back into shape, and maybe even started exercising and eating right for a little while, but eventually went right back to the negative habits. Think about why you abandoned your good intentions and gave up, and then figure out why you're NOT going to give up this time.

I hope this article has helped you realize that supplements, miracle pills, and diet fads will NEVER work in the long run. You may lose some fat for a few weeks or months, but in the long run, these are all a waste of money, unless you adopt the right lifestyle to maintain a lean body for LIFE.

If you haven't picked up a copy of my Truth about Six Pack Abs book yet, do yourself a favor, and use the money you would have wasted on your next bottle of supplement pills or powder, and discover the program that will get you lean, healthy, and ripped for the rest of your life, not just the next 2 weeks!

I'll be back in touch soon with more Lean-Body Secrets. I also have a couple great lean-body recipes coming up over the next few weeks that I think you'll enjoy, so hang on.


Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Author - The Truth about Six Pack Abs

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