Muscle Mass... Is the "Pump" Useful or a Waste of Time for Building Muscle Size?

Hello again. It's Mike Geary from & Busy Man Fitness .com  with another Lean-Body Secrets Ezine.

I have a quick video for you to check out today about the "Muscle Pump" that you feel during certain types of workouts, and whether it has any usefulness to building muscle .

My buddy Jeff Anderson (aka - the "Muscle Nerd"), put together this video clip below and a little brief intro. Check it out:

T muscle mass pump pic he "PUMP"! Mass Building Myth..Or LEGEND?
By The "Muscle Nerd", Jeff Anderson

Ever see those documentary television shows "Animals Gone Wild"?  (no...NOT "GIRLS Gone Wild"!  A-N-I-M-A-L-S!)

You know...the ones where normally docile animals scratch, claw, kick, bite, peck, gnaw, or otherwise DEVOUR another animal right before your eyes?

Well, here's a challenge for you...

Throw a hundred fitness consultants in a room and ask them to debate whether or not that huge "PUMP" you get in the gym is REALLY building you any muscle...or if it's just a useless ego booster... then watch them start scratching out eyes as the debate heats up! ;-)

Yep...tempers flare on this topic and opinions are all over the how would you like a little help from the scientific community on whether or not you should be ignoring the pump... or whether it's your best friend in the gym?

The answer may SURPRISE you!

Amaze your friends with your bodybuilding brilliance as you bring the next "pump" argument to a screeching halt with the no-nonsense verdict you're about to learn in this short VIDEO LESSON!

You can watch it RIGHT NOW on your computer screen at...

The Muscle Pump Video

Now here's my take on the issue of "the pump"...

If all you're interested in is fat-loss, you probably don't need to pay much attention to this. However, if you're looking for muscle size, there IS a benefit to dedicating a certain portion of your training time to "the pump".  Notice I said "a certain portion"... Not all!

Keep in mind that training for strength and training for muscle size are totally different animals requiring vastly different training protocols, but at the same time, they can be inter-related as well. You will never maximize your muscle size if you never train for pure muscle strength during some cycles. However, by focusing on muscle size during different cycles, you also increase your capacity to gain more strength when you go back to a strength-type routine.

This discussion can get pretty complicated, so we'll just leave it at that for today, considering this email was about how "the pump" relates to muscle size. Oh, by the way, there was another legendary figure that believed strongly in "the pump" for size training... it was good old Ahh-nold!

If you want to go from "skinny" to "jacked", go here for muscle building tips .

Stay lean and mean,

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