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muscle building programHere are 5 major bodybuilding mistakes that you may be making

by Vince Delmonte - Muscle Development Expert, Author of No Nonsense Muscle Building

1. Bodybuilding supplements are almost a complete waste of your hard-earned money !

First of all, many supplement companies are dishonest and have extremely over-hyped "muscle building" products that claim you'll gain insane amounts of muscle in just a matter of weeks... almost all of these claims are unfounded and unproven.

I'll show you in a minute how there are some hidden natural foods that will help you gain muscle much better and safer than any of these hyped up bodybuilding supplements.

2. Most bodybuilding workouts that you read about in magazines and on online forums are a complete waste of your time.  

They make you think that getting a "muscle burn ", a "muscle pump ", or doing dozens of sets of single-joint exercises are going to give you massive muscles like you see in the pictures.  Not true!  This only works for genetic freaks or muscleheads using steriods... not for average "hardgainers" like you.

If you want to gain muscle in the smartest method possible, you need a more effective training style suited to your body and your metabolism. I'll show you the best techniques to achieve faster muscle gain in a minute.

3. Most "Muscle Magazines" are owned by supplement companies ... their main goal in these magazines is to sell you expensive and bogus supplements that won't help you gain muscle any faster (but they will drain your wallet fast!). 

With the info on my muscle building website below, you get no biased information, since I don't sell supplements.

4. Stop training like a professional bodybuilder!   Routines that are typically done by professional bodybuilders do NOT help the average guy (a hardgainer like yourself) to build muscle.

The fact is that professional bodybuilders many times are using steroids and other drugs to enhance their physique and are also genetically gifted for building muscle on almost any type of routine.  But their methods will NOT work for a hardgainer like you!

5. True muscle mass is NOT built on typical gym "machines".  The truth is that most exercise machines are far inferior to free weight exercises, bodyweight exercises, and some other unique workout methods that I'll explain more in a minute.

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