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How to Maximize Your Affiliate Commissions by Using Articles I've Already Created For You Combined with a Unique Trick

Today's affiliate marketing topic is another method that you can use to produce FREE traffic and maximize your affiliate commissions further.

I'm sure most of you already take part in some sort of article marketing either as an affiliate or as a publisher, but pay attention, because I'm going to give you an easy way to generate free traffic... and not only that, but I'm going to give you my own content to use so that you don't have to create your own.

Here's the deal...

As an affiliate of mine, I'm giving you permission to take any of my previously published articles and do a quick re-wording of them to use as original content for yourself (and place your masked affiliate domain at the end to drive free traffic to your affiliate link).

If you do this right, you can re-word each of my articles in probably 10 minutes each, and now you've just created non-duplicate content that you can publish at any article directories and siphon free traffic from that content for years to come... so that 10 minutes of effort to re-word some articles could lead to tremendous long term revenue for your efforts since those pages will stay in the search engines for years and keep producing free traffic.

One of my affiliates followed these instructions and has already made over $200 in commissions just in one week from submitting a few of these reworded articles.  Now $200 in a week isn't that big compared to some of my affiliates that are pulling in over $1000/day in TruthAboutAbs commissions from doing high level PPC... but it's also not bad for just submitting a few articles.

Here's how to do this right:

Go to my EzineArticles page here
From there, take one article at a time, and you'll do a quick rewording of each sentence in the article so that it is seen as fresh content by the search engines instead of duplicate content.

Steps to do this correctly:

1. Completely reword the title of the article. Try to use something similar but totally different. For example, the article titled: "Ab Workouts Do Not Cause Stomach Fat Loss" could be reworded into "Abdominal Exercises Do Not Burn off Belly Fat"

Notice how it's the same basic idea but worded differently. Remember that one of the most important aspects of the article title is that it's similar to a popular "long-tail keyword phrase" that gets decent amount of searches in the search engines.

2. Go through each sentence in the body of the article, and try to slightly reword each sentence. Some sentences you can just replace 3-4 words with synonyms, and other sentences you can just write in a slightly different way.

3. When you get to the author bio, the ONLY thing (and the very 1st thing) that should be in the author bio is to immediately try to entice the reader to go through your masked domain to the website and grab the freebies that are offered.

Remember one of the golden rules about marketing... the customer doesn't give a crap about you... all they care about is "what's in it for them", so the best thing to do is TOTALLY forget that it's even called an "author bio" and use that space you're given to make the customer want to go to the website.

Here's an example of how your author bio should look:

If you're interested in taking your fat-loss efforts to an entirely new level, go to the following site and grab a free fat loss report which details 27 unique methods for boosting your metabolism and losing belly fat -

4. That's it... After you've changed around the wording of the article, and put in your author bio (which is really just a link to your masked affiliate domain), your re-worded article is now ready for submittal to ezinearticles and any other article directory you wish to submit to. And you have about 30 or so of my articles that I'm granting you access to reword and submit as your own to hopefully get lots of free traffic to your masked affiliate domain and generate you a nice long term revenue stream that could produce revenue for years to come since those pages will stay in the search engines.

5. Make sure to only submit 1 new article each day so that you space out your articles. Don't bombard any article directories with more than 1 article per day. You can even space them out to just 2-3 articles/week until you've reworded all of my articles.

Once you get all of these articles reworded and submitted, you can now reap the benefits of free traffic that can last for years, so your work up-front will be well worth the long term rewards on on-going sales for months and years.

A couple stipulations:

1. You must link to my site in the author bio either through a masked affiliate domain or through a review or presell page hosted at your own website.

2. You can't make any obnoxious claims... stick to the general themes/ideas in the articles, but just word them differently.

3. Please don't submit more than 1 reworded article per day... space them out a little.

Want to take this idea to a whole new level and make it 10x even more effective?

This is a little secret of mine that I've used to generate thousands of articles out there in cyberspace all linking back to me and generating thousands of free visitors to my websites, etc.

It's an article submission software called APR ...

Now I know you may have heard that there's a limited benefit to automated article submission softwares because every directory after the 1st directory is simply seen as duplicate content by the search engines.

There's a way around that!

What makes this particular software 100x more powerful than any other article submission software out there is that it allows you to rotate as many different article titles as you want, rotate different text and sentences in the article body, and rotate as many different wordings of the author bio as you want as well, and submit all of these different varations of 1 article to as many as 500 different article directories (all on autopilot).

This is powerful because now the search engines will find dozens of versions of "fresh content" for every single article you submit, so you're duplicating your efforts and traffic levels greatly.

Trust me on this one... if you're a serious internet marketer, this article submitter software is a must, and one of the best investments I've ever made.

Happy article submitting... Watch the commissions roll!

Mike Geary
Affiliate Marketer, Founder -

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