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Want to be a Big Player or an Affiliate Rookie?  Consider These Settings if you Want to Rake in the Profits Like the Big Boys

Update 2011:   note that this page was based on results we got from campaigns in 2008 on adwords.  Updates in recent years diminished the ability to do the exact techniques this affiliate update was talking about, including no longer being able to use direct hoplinks on adwords due to the "google slap".  I'll leave this page up in case you want to read how easy PPC advertising was back in the "good ol days".


Hey, it's Mike Geary from with a follow up message today regarding affiliate strategies, and certain campaign settings that I've noticed affiliates aren't taking advantage of.

I want to show you some campaign settings that one of my affiliates made recently that took him from 1-2 daily sales for me, all the way to 12 daily sales and over $400 revenue in 1 day (on PPC!) from selling The Truth about Six Pack Abs.

This affiliate of mine emailed me recently and told me he was doing pretty well with his campaign after implementing some of the strategies from the affiliate lessons I've sent out thus far. If you missed any of them, they are all listed at the bottom of this email.

Actually, he was doing just slightly better than doubling his money on his ppc campaign for over the past 3-4 weeks (this after modifying his campaigns based on the lessons I've sent out thus far).

The interesting thing was that he mentioned that his budget was only set to $20/ day and he was maxing it out. The first thing I asked him is why the heck he wasn't raising his daily ad budget if he already had 3-4 solid weeks of data to show him that he's consistently doubling his money.

This brings up a mistake I see a lot of newer affiliates make. They tend to be a little shy to spend any money, even after a campaign has proven to be profitable for many weeks. Big mistake! 

If you want to be a big player, sometimes you've gotta be a big spender!  Why only spend $20/ day to make $45/ day, when you can spend $200/day to make $450/day? Or when you can spend $2000/day to make $4500/day.  You get my point.  These numbers aren't unrealistic either if you're a savvy PPC specialist.

Like I said though, you only decide to spend big on a campaign once you have enough data to show you've set it up to be profitable.

So when this particular affiliate emailed me telling me about his results so far and that he was maxing out his budget, I recommended he change the following settings in his google campaign:

1. I recommended he change his daily budget from $20/ day to $100/ day. This would most likely max out his traffic potential before reaching $100 (which was the goal).  Keep in mind, that I have some even bigger affiliates now that are spending over $1000/day on ads, and making returns over $2000/day ... so if you get good at this, realize that the opportunity to make HUGE revenues with TruthAboutAbs is almost limitless!  Remember, this product appeals to probably about 80% of all of society, considering almost everyone has excess belly fat... so the market here and traffic potential is immense.

2. I recommended he set his ad delivery setting to "accelerated" instead of "standard". This would assure google would display his ads as fast as possible giving him the most possible traffic for his ads.

3. I recommended he change his country settings from just the major english speaking countries to "all countries and territories", again maxing out his traffic potential. Many advertisers mistakenly think that using the "all countries" setting will load them up on tons of junk clicks from people in poor countries that never buy anything.

However, this is a BIG mistake! Sure the majority of orders come from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. However, I get orders all the time from countries you would never even think of manually choosing for your advertising, and these sales MORE than make up for any junk clicks you get from freebie seekers.

For example, I just quickly scrolled through my publisher clickbank account for for just today's sales and saw orders from the following countries (in addition to the usual US, Canada, UK, and Australia):

Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Costa Rica
Hong Kong
Sri Lanka
Virgin Islands


...and this was just a quick scan of todays data! I've actually had orders from well over 150 countries total, so it's just a good lesson that you never know where your next sale is going to come from.

And now for the awesome results these changes made for this particular affiliate of mine...

He made these changes 2 nights ago, and the very next day (yesterday), here were his stats for the day:

Total clicks: 1,722
Total ad spend: $68.90 (4 cents/click avg)
Sales: 12
-Basic package = 5 ($26.96 payout each)
-Upsell package = 7 ($40.18 payout each)
Total revenue for the day: $415.66!

If you've been doing affiliate marketing for any amount of time, you know that $415.66 revenue from $68.90 ad spend is about as good as it gets doing ppc as an affiliate! And that was just one day for him!

Now you can see the power of the content network. The volume of traffic is immense and it's cheap! If he could get 1722 clicks in 1 day and make over $400, who's to say he can't improve on this and get 5000 clicks per day and make $1000/day.  Or 15,000 clicks/day and make $2000/day... (which two of my affiliates already do these kind of numbers).

Who's to say YOU can't do this also?

As a matter of fact, I have one particular campaign in a different niche that I frequently get over 20,000 clicks/day.

So...are you going to take action or stay in the minor leagues? Consider those campaign settings and get started today. In case you missed them, here are the other Super-Affiliate lessons I've put together to date:

Good luck with your affiliate marketing. Talk to you soon,

Mike Geary
Founder -

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