Super-Affiliate Lesson #4:

A Unique Method to Generate Free Traffic to your Affiliate Link

Hello affiliates of Today, I'm going to start going into more detailed instructions on the dozens of methods you can use to harness the power of your forwarded affiliate domain and generate diversified sources of traffic.

Instead of trying to send them all out at once (which I would never get to), I'm going to send the different traffic generating methods out one by one.

If you missed the newsletter where I started mentioning the power of using a forwarded affiliate domain to run your affiliate link through, you can go back here to read it.

If you noticed in that lesson, I mentioned over a dozen different sources of generating traffic to your masked affiliate domain... some of them are free and others are not. Some of them were:

  • free article directories 
  • fitness, diet, and health forums
  • craigslist
  • facebook posts or fanpages  
  • offline newspaper ads
  • offline magazine ads
  • offline billboard ads
  • other offline places (use your imagination... think outside the box... what locations would people be hungry for fitness info to lose fat and get six pack abs)
  • within a video on youtube
  • lenses 
  • yahoo answers 

Today, I want to talk briefly about yahoo answers and show you a technique to generate free traffic to your forwarded domain with this site. 

I've done tests on this with a couple of my affiliates, and we've confirmed that if you do this right, you can generate some ongoing sales with this... the volume of sales you'll get with this isn't huge like what you can get with PPC, but at the same time, the traffic is free and only takes a few minutes of effort per day to get decent exposure to your affiliate domain.

The key thing is that you have to be helpful and NOT come off as spammy when you mention your domain... this is KEY or you will simply get banned from the site.

There are 2 ways you'll generate free traffic through yahoo answers:

1. Directly from people browsing the site either reading the answers or asking the questions.

2. Yahoo answers tends to get very good search engine rankings for long tail keyword strings, so if you get lucky enough to post on a page that gets a high ranking in google, you can get a lot of free traffic to that page that contains your forwarded affiliate domain. For example, a yahoo answers post will probably never show up on the first page of google for a broad term like "belly fat", but it will show up on the first page many times for a long tail keyword string like "best way to lose my belly". There are thousands of variations of long tail keywords and they generate a huge volume of searches in the search engines every day.

With this method, you're going to try to tap into some of that volume of traffic by getting your forwarded domain out there in as many places as possible.

Don't worry, this technique doesn't have to take lots of time. You can make dozens and dozens of posts very quickly by simply having a couple sentences as a template that will work for most general posts and copying/pasting.

First, you need to make sure you have a yahoo account if you want to post to yahoo answers. If you already have a yahoo email, that's what you can use to login. If not, just create a free yahoo account. Then, you can go into yahoo answers in appropriate categories such as "diet & fitness" and start posting answers that contain your forwarded affiliate domain.

Note:   You don't need to be a fitness expert to post answers, because you're not actually going to give detailed answers yourself.  Instead you're going to say that you've found a great site that basically answers their question. That's where your affiliate domain comes in.

You would go here to start browsing for appropriate questions to answer:

Yahoo Answers Diet & Fitness Category (will open in a new window)

You want to look for any questions that ask about how to get abs or get rid of stomach fat. Basically, look for any questions where people are asking about things such as:

toning abs or stomach
getting a flat stomach or abs
extra belly fat
problems with tummy fat
best ab exercises or ab workouts
best way to lose fat or lose weight
diets for losing fat
how to lose love handles
having a pooch belly, pot belly, or beer belly

You get the idea. Unfortunately, most of the people answering the questions on this site are as clueless about fitness as those asking and are inadvertently leading people in the wrong direction, so you actually are doing a good service by directing them to a quality website from an actual fitness professional.

Important:   When you make a post, you want to make sure it doesn't sound spammy or like you're trying to sell something. Yahoo answers is just like most forums and you're not allowed to spam. You want it to sound like it was simply a website you found that helped you out with the same question they're asking. And you can even tell them to browse the free articles on the site... this makes it sound much less spammy. 

For example, let's say someone asks the question -- "what's the best way to get rid of my flabby tummy?"

Even if you don't know a whole lot about fitness, you can still add an answer in a generic way, such as this:

I used to have big problems with stomach fat, but am getting in better shape now.  Here's a good site I found that really helped. It gave me great workouts and diet tips and showed me what I was doing wrong before...there's even lots of free articles on the site...

Good luck to you!

You see how that doesn't sound like a spammy answer. And in fact it's NOT a spammy answer, because it's true... TruthAboutAbs does have plenty of free articles and free advice, but you're hoping that a small percentage of the people that click through will also buy the program.

Most likely, nobody is going to falsely accuse you of "spamming" as long as you do it like I showed in the example above.  Just be honest and tell them that there's great free info on that topic at the site.  And it's good to add some sort of encouraging comment at the end like "good luck!".

Remember, with all of the horrendous answers that are typically on this site, you are actually doing a great service by directing them to a quality site from a professional in the fitness industry as opposed to clueless people who are giving advice on this site but really know nothing about fitness.

Important Note : You need to make sure that you have at least 8 to 10 (or more) differently worded template answers so that you don't get flagged for just submitting the same answer all the time.

Here's the trick to actually get this to work for you... you need a high volume of answers . You're probably not going to get much traffic if you just answer 5 questions and then hope the traffic pours in. It won't.

That's why I said you need a good template answer like the one above (and make at least 8 or 10 variations of that template) so you can quickly browse through the listings, find appropriate questions, and quickly copy/paste in one of your template answers.

If you get your forwarded domain listed in enough answers, it's highly likely that some of them will show up in the organic rankings on the SE's for long tail keywords and those listings will get quite a bit of free traffic... for months or even years to come.

Here's what I recommend...

Spend at least 5 minutes each day right when you turn your computer on (before you get distracted with email, etc) and go into the yahoo answers in the diet & fitness or health categories and quickly browsing for appropriate questions that you can add your answer to. You can usually find at least 10 or 15 questions to add your answers to in 5 minutes.

If you do this every day, in a few weeks or months, you'll have so many pages out there that include your forwarded domain, that it very likely could be generating thousands of free visitors to your affiliate domain, and all it took you was 5 minutes a day to build up your quantity of answer pages.

Give it a shot! After all, it's free traffic, so there's nothing to lose, and we're averaging $36 payouts/sale to affiliates on, and there's a HUGE quantity of traffic available out there in this niche for you to tap into.

Good luck!

By the way, if you have a good blog following, or a good email list, check out the high quality article landing page options here

Mike Geary
Founder of

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