Oh my... this is TOO funny!  Check out bad momma Squirrel as she beats up this Dog

I got a good laugh out of this... I love how momma squirrel protects her baby and gives it good to this Dog... gotta love animals!

dog traps baby squirrel

Dog has the baby squirrel pinned down... but momma squirrel sees what is going on (from above!)


momma squirrel takes action

Big bad momma squirrel takes action on the situation!


dog gets a good whippin from Momma squirrel

The dog gets it good from Momma squirrel... and baby squirrel gets away!


dog is stunned by ferocity of momma

Momma squirrel comforts baby after the battle.

Look at the dogs face... he has to be thinking...

"What the hell just happened... did I just get my ass handed to me by a squirrel?"

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