NEVER Give Up. Disabled Man's Inspirational Life-Changing Story

All I can say about the video below is WOW!  Truly inspirational .  If this man, a disabled Gulf War veteran for 15 years, could overcome something as serious as being told by doctors that he would never walk again, what aspect of your life can this motivate you to change for good?  Watch this to the end, as it will blow you away!


Mike's Comments:

Wow, not only did he lose 140 lbs in 10 months, but also proved that the doctors were WRONG about him never walking again.  As you saw at the end, he was running!  NEVER give up.

After seeing the challenges that this man overcame in his life, it seems pretty silly some of the things that we all claim that we "can't do" or aren't good enough to do.  I hope this video has inspired you!

We can all relate to this story in different ways. 

For me personally, it's not about beating a disability, but rather other obstacles I overcame... You see, 8 years ago back in 2004, when I had the idea to write my book, The Truth about Six Pack Abs , most people told me I was crazy, and there was no way I could compete in the big world of publishing and giant fitness companies.  Well, guess what... they were WRONG... I never gave up, and now, 8 years later, I've sold over 700,000 copies of my book (by myself, without a big publishing company).  NEVER give up.

What goals in your life have you given up on?  Or what things do you falsely "think" that you can't do?  It's a good question to think about.

I love seeing stories like this man in the video above.  It's a great lesson for a lot of lazy people out there that claim that they can't do something, or can't get in shape because they "don't have time" or other lame excuses that so many people use.

At my local gym, I've been really impressed with 2 different guys that are frequently at the gym when I go.  One of them only has ONE LEG !  Yes, that's right... he has one leg, and gets around the gym on crutches, moving from station to station, and even doing 1-legged squats sometimes!  He could easily use the excuse that he'd let his health deteriorate because he "can't workout" since he only has one leg.  But instead, he proves that he can stay in great shape and great health despite his disability.

Another guy at my gym is confined to a wheelchair, but regardless, he's always there working hard to stay in good shape with whatever exercises he can do from his wheelchair.  He doesn't use excuses either! 

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