Stop With the Lame Excuses and Procrastination and Get Your Butt in the Gym!

by Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer

How many times have you said:

 "Oh, I'm too busy... I'll get started on my weight loss program  tomorrow", or...

 "I'll just wait until after the holidays to start working out and getting in better shape"

Working as a fitness professional, I hear people every single day say that they want to get in better shape... whether they want to lose weight, build some muscle , get stronger, lose the fat on their belly... whatever it may be.

Can you guess what happens when I say to them, "Well, if you really want it that bad, then why don't you start today... seriously, why not start working out and eating healthy today and lets make this happen now". Well, what usually happens is that they say that they'll just wait until next month because they're "too busy" right now.

Come on... Give me a break! It's nothing but LAME EXCUSE after lame excuse as to why you don't workout regularly or eat healthy . This becomes an endless cycle of excuses and procrastination for getting your butt in shape. Once next month comes, now you have another excuse... work has been too busy, or you're just too busy working on the house, and so on.

Consider this... Do you really think that all of the people walking around out there in great shape with their kick-ass bodies are any less busy than you? Hell no! Chances are, they are easily just as busy as you, yet THEY find the time to keep themselves healthy and in great shape.

Let's make a pact and STOP THE LAME EXCUSES FOR GOOD! Start on your goal today!

The bottom line is... If you really want it, you'll find the time. It's all about priorities and getting in the right mindset.

If you are one of these people that's always using excuses as to why you don't have time to eat right or workout, then I have bad news for you... You are NEVER going to get in good shape for the rest of your life! You are going to continue to yoyo back and forth and struggle with your fitness FOREVER!

Sorry to be so "in your face", but sometimes we all just need a wake up call. I'll even admit that although I've got my fitness pretty well handled, I've needed these wake up calls in other areas of my life where I was struggling, and I've appreciated those people that showed me the way.

I thought about writing about this whole topic of "lame excuses" for not getting into shape because I recently met an incredible fitness professional, Scott Tousignant, who is labeled "the excuse-buster". Luckily, in my business, I have the great fortune of networking with some of the best fitness professionals in the world.

I also found out that Scott calls himself "The Fit Bastard", and he's not afraid to be a little in your face and show you how to beat the procrastination and excuses that have been keeping you from getting the body you've always wanted.

I must say that I absolutely loved his approach and wish I had thought of it first myself! To help people that are struggling with procrastination and excuses, Scott has prepared a motivational MP3 audio (Get Your Butt To The Gym And Make The Most Of It) that you can download for free, as well as a 1-month workout program that you can grab for free also. Go check it out... It's great stuff! You can even do the workouts in your own home.

For the guys, go check out:

The Fit Bastard



For the ladies, you can check out:

The Fit Chic

Enjoy the downloads!

Feel free to copy/paste this page link and email it to anyone you know that is also struggling with lame excuses and procrastination for getting in shape.

Wishing you a lean body for life,

Mike Geary
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutrition Specialist

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