A Life or Death Fight with Obesity and How He Found Help

Hi there. I felt that I had to write you today and ask for your support with a life or death fight with obesity that a friend of mine is struggling with.

Let me give you a quick background. A little while back, I received an email from a guy named James that I was quite touched by. This was no ordinary email. With my website's growing presence online, I now receive hundreds of emails from people all over the world asking me for fitness advice. I try to respond to as many as I can, but I can only get to so many without being overwhelmed.

However, as I read through James email, I realized that this was no ordinary email... this was a very sincere letter asking for help... a letter from a man that was told by his doctors that he will not live more than a few more years if he does not lose a significant amount of weight. James' story gets even a little more complicated, which you can read about in his Fighting Obesity Blog in a minute.

After reading the email that James sent me, I knew immediately that I was going to do everything in my power to help James through his battle with obesity and his liver disease. I've decided it was my duty to be his health and fitness mentor/coach, and support him throughout this fight, whenever he needs my help.

More importantly, James has made the decision for himself to survive... to change his unhealthy ways for good, and dedicate himself to building a new life, rich with health and happiness for both him and his family. The good news is that James is already successfully dropping the pounds now that he has adopted his new healthy lifestyle.

James has decided to start a Fighting Obesity Blog  that describes the life and death fight that he was confronted with, and how he's started to battle against it. He wants the blog to offer support for others who are also struggling with obesity.

James has posted his story in a blog he created at: Beating Obesity Blog


Here's to wishing James the best of luck with his fitness transformation, and looking forward to seeing James 100 pounds lighter come this time next year, with a new life ahead of him!

If you know anyone that is struggling with obesity and need help, please forward this email to them so that this story may help inspire them.

Best wishes in health and happiness,

Mike Geary
Founder -
TruthAboutAbs.com & Busy Man Fitness .com

PS - My goal that I set in last week's newsletter of doing 200 BW squats in 5 minutes is almost shattered. Got 193 reps a couple days ago! (Update - just got 208 the other day!). A couple people have emailed me and are doing quite well. I'll post some results that everyone is getting next time.

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