Extreme Fitness Training for Men - Hardcore Exercise Techniques


Guys... Stop Using Your Boring Bland Outdated Exercise Routines and Discover How to Fire Up New Gains in Lean Ripped Muscle and Full-Body Cuts!

Are you the type of guy who's looking for training styles that are a little more extreme, a little more hardcore than your average weight training, cardio routines, and elliptical bunnies... something unique and different than the boring training routines that you've been stubbornly using for years?

Well, so was I. That's why I developed this page to show you that there is a whole world of unique and fun hardcore training styles out there that can easily break you out of your training funk and bring on new rock hard, ripped muscle from head to toe! Below are some ideas to bring new life and new muscle to your body and have you on your way to extreme fitness . Have fun and get hardcore!

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Underground Strength Coach

This type of extreme training is a blast! This is based on the type of exercises you see on those "worlds strongest man" competitions. So you hardcore training picthought that you couldn't also join in the fun of throwing around kegs, pulling cars, flipping monster tires, slamming giant sledgehammers, and lifting logs and boulders? Well, Zach shows you how you can join in to the underground hardcore crew and become a true strongman. Check out the Underground Strength Coach today!


The Ultimate Training Tool - Russian Kettlebells

You want serious cuts, awesome muscular definition, massive gains in strength, as well as increased speed and endurance... welcome to the hottest old school training tools available these days. Sure, kettlebells have been the secret weapon for elite athletes and hardcore fitness buffs for decades in Eastern Europe, but only in recent years have they infiltrated into the states with high level pro and collegiate athletic training, military training, and hardcore strength training circles.

Better yet, get yourself a couple kettlebells, combine that with some bodyweight training, and you can get some serious results at home, without even needing a gym membership. I personally purchased my first kettlebell about 2 years ago, and although I still do standard barbell, dumbbell, and bodyweight training, the addition of kettlebell exercises has taken my strength and physical capabilities to a whole new level.

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