Chest Training "Thumb Trick" Pumps Up Your Pecs!

exercises for a bigger chestBy The Muscle Nerd, Jeff Anderson - creator of the Underground Chest Training Program

One of the most popular chest training exercises bodybuilders use to develop their pecs is the Dumbbell Flye.  This exercise absolutely MUST be in your chest training routine! 

Of course, basic multi-joint exercises such as bench press, dips, and incline press should be the foundation of your routines, but this dumbbell flye modification is pretty cool.

Let me share with you a way to make this powerful exercise even MORE effective using a breakthrough "thumb trick" to get more forceful contractions and better pec development

Thumb Rotation Chest Training Tip (try during your next workout):

1. On an incline bench (set to no MORE than 30 degrees incline), hold a dumbbell in each hand at the starting position (arms extended above you, palms facing each other).

2. With your arms slightly bent, perform a standard chest training flye (not a chest press, but a flye... less elbow bend than a press) by slowly lowering your arms to the side.  BUT…

3. As you lower them, instead of keeping your hands and wrists LOCKED, ROTATE your hands so that your THUMBS point TOWARD THE CEILING at the bottom of the movement.

4. Don't bounce during the movement of this chest exercise but you want to make sure you feel a good stretch in your pecs at the bottom.

5. Now, while focusing on contracting your chest muscles (rather than your arms), quickly raise both arms to the starting position of the exercise while ROTATING your hands so that your palms face each other again.

This chest training technique actually creates an isolated range of motion movement within your pecs resulting in increased muscle contraction and fiber stimulation.

Don't believe me? To prove it, try this...

Right now, hold one arm in the flye position while placing your other hand directly on the chest muscle on the same side as your “working arm”.

Now recreate this chest training tip by going through the motion of a “regular” flye with your wrists locked, while feeling the muscle movement with your other hand.

Once you’ve reached the bottom of the movement, hold your arm position and rotate your hand back and forth between the thumb “up” and the “normal” position.

Feel that movement in your upper pec? 

Good!  Now stick a dumbbell in your hand and get ready to GROW!  Try this "thumb trick" in your next chest workout and see if you notice a more powerful pectoral contraction.

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