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Optional Alternate Landing Pages for Affiliates

In most instances, the main hoplink landing page is what you will still want for traditional affiliate promotions, especially PPC ads, since the main landing page is optimized for "cold" traffic. 

I've even tested running female based ads directly to the female landing page and male based ads directly to the male landing page with "cold" traffic and actually got REDUCED conversions compared with landing the hoplink directly on the main clickbank landing $page.  I think the main landing page serves as a nice "warmup" for the reader instead of jumping right to the sales copy.

However, with that said, there are many savvy affiliates that are doing their own presells on their own websites, blogs, or newsletters (and doing it very well!) and want to land their hoplink directly on a certain page, such as the testimonials page, the FAQ page, or the pre-order page so that the customer doesn't have to read through another entire sales letter before getting the option to buy (since they're doing their own preselling).

In addition, I've had certain affiliates request to be able to land a hoplink directly on one of my article pages at TruthAboutAbs and still have the sales tracking work correctly if the customers move onto the sales letter after reading the article.  This is possible as well as I'll show you below.  I have all sorts of different nutrition and exercise topics that will interest a large variety of people and give you dozens of different ways to sell TAA without being too "salesy".

Here are the details on how to format your hoplinks to land directly on whatever page you may want to:

All you need to do is add a simple page id (in the form of ?pid=### ) to the end of a typical format hoplink, such as this:  

(of course replacing YourCBid with your actual id...the actual page id will change also as shown below based on which page you choose as the landing $page...this example is the trial page)

If you want to add a clickbank tracking id in addition, that will simply be formatted such as this:

(substituting your chosen tracking id of course)

Some of the important optional pages you can choose:

1. Truth About Abs Order page:

2. Truth About Abs Testimonials page:

3. Truth About Abs FAQ page:

4. Mens video page:

5. Womens video page:

6. Free Fat Loss Bonus page:

7. Truth about Abs Trial Offer page:  

Optional Articles Pages to Direct Link Your Hoplink

(Note: these are great articles to send to your list... your list will love the content, while at the same time it presells them on buying TAA by warming them up to my content first... also this is a great way to use direct links via your aff link in forums, etc so it seems less salesy and more legitimate that you're actually just referring them to good content...consider using to mask the hoplinks so they're not visible)

The 3 Best Ab Exercises that aren't called Ab Exercises -
direct hoplink:

Does Diet Soda Make You Fat? -
direct hoplink:

Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs and all of the Carb BS in Between
direct hoplink:

Do You Really Need Cardio Exercise? -
direct hoplink:

How to Make Healthy Choices at the Grocery Store -
direct hoplink:

Is Saturated Fat Evil, or not so Bad After All? -
direct hoplink:

The Extreme Health Dangers of Excess Abdominal Fat -
direct hoplink:

Top Secrets for Fat Loss and Six Pack Abs -
direct hoplink:

The Truth about Glycemic Index, Potatoes, and "White Foods" -
direct hoplink:

Effective Fat Loss Office Workouts for Time Crunched People -
direct hoplink:

Make Healthier Choices When Fast Food is the Only Option -
direct hoplink:

Get a Leaner Hard-Body with Healthier Post Workout Nutrition -
direct hoplink:

  The Ultimate Hard-Body Exercise - Front Squats Detailed -
direct hoplink:

  The Shocking Truth about Dietary Fats & Saturated Fat -
direct hoplink:

  Get Visible Abs with these Workout, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Secrets -
direct hoplink:

There's also a full list of more articles with pid's on this page .

As an affiliate of, I'd invite you to use any of these direct article hoplinks to promote TAA in any way that you wish... This is something that's not available with pretty much any other product on clickbank, but something that I knew everyone wanted, so I made it available.

This really opens up some new doors for ways for you to promote TAA and make even more sales.  You can now use these direct links on all sorts of health and fitness forums, on yahoo answers, on blog comments, and other online places that you can link to content for others to enjoy.

Remember that this product appeals to almost all of society, so the opportunities for your income are almost endless.  The reason for this is that this product appeals to everyone from obese people that want to lose a lot of weight, all the way down to fit people and bodybuilders that just want to "lose that last bit of fat"... and also everybody in between those extremes.

The power of using your affiliate link to directly link to an article is that since you're not linking to a sales letter, people are much more appreciative of your posting and don't think you're just trying to sell something since you actually gave them the good content of a real article.  Then, at the bottom of each article there are links that take the readers to the actual TAA sales letters or testimonials pages.  Your hoplinks were already set though when they landed on the article, so you'll get commissions if they purchase at any point after that no matter what.

While most of the general population in the fitness niche doesn't know what a clickbank hoplink is, I'd still recommend embedding your hoplink in a tinyurl at so that the hoplink format isn't visible for others to see. 

What I'd recommend if you actually want to make this successful is to search for and find several popular fitness and/or health forums and dedicate yourself to posting for 15-30 minutes per day helpful links embedded in tinyurls to some of these various article pages.  You can do this on yahoo answers too in order to get more exposure.

If you do this 5 days/week for 15-30 minutes/day, over time your volume of pages "out there" that contain your "hidden" affiliate links to helpful article pages grows and you start making consistent sales.  I did something similar to this about six months ago and for several weeks submitted several posts every single day.  Some of those ended up getting decent rankings in the natural search engine results, and I still get consistent sales from them 6 months later now that they're getting natural traffic from those rankings.

Here are 2 examples of how to do any type of forum or blog posting both the WRONG way and the RIGHT way if you actually want to get sales:

The WRONG way :

"Hey guys, this is a great post.  You should definitely buy this product... it will really help you lose body fat and get six pack abs.  It's the best abs and fat loss ebook on the internet.  Make sure to buy it and you'll see why.  Go here:"

The reason this will never work (unless you get lucky) is that it sounds blatantly like you're trying to sell something.  Immediately everyone is going to be suspicious and on the defensive, you won't sell anything, and worse yet, they will probably complain and say that you're spamming the forum, blog, etc.

The RIGHT way:

"hey guys, I just saw this post and actually was reading about this same topic the other day.  I did some searching around and stumbled onto this cool article... I thought it was helpful... check it out...."

Now this type of post will almost NEVER get you accused of spamming, because all it looks like you did was give them a good article to read that you "stumbled" onto.  They'll have no idea that the link actually went through your affiliate link to get them to the article.  I've found that the more you just seem like a regular joe that has no affiliation at all with the product, the more affiliate sales that you start to get with any type of forum, blog, or yahoo answers postings.

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