“This Sneaky Hormone Is The REAL Reason You’ve Been Struggling with E.D., Belly Fat, Flabby Fat On Your Chest, and Low Sex Drive

And No, It’s NOT Testosterone!”

By: Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist
and Dr. Richard Cohen, M.D.

It never used to be like this…

Men were men. Women were women.

But now, genders are somehow being blended. Blurred.

Even men who had no intention of “walking on the wild side,” are developing mental, emotional and even physical female attributes.

You’ve been wondering what the hell is going on in your body and mind

Noticing your body changing in any of the following ways can be quite… shocking.

  • Maybe you’ve been accumulating extra fat around your chest, giving you the dreaded, and unmasculine, “ man boobs “…
  • Or maybe you’re storing fat in unusual places, in addition to “flabby” stomach fat (chest, back, upper arms)…
  • Maybe you and your partner have noticed your libido has taken a nose-dive
  • Or maybe the challenges seem more mental … as if you’ve lost that ambition and confidence you used to pride yourself on and just don’t feel like a man should…
  • Maybe your “little buddy” isn’t standing at attention like he used to, especially in the morning or when you should be aroused, and it’s freaking you out

Hi, my name is Mike Geary. I’m a Certified Nutrition Specialist.

I’m also a best selling author, helping tens of thousands by sharing cutting-edge alternative health and fitness programs.

If you’re struggling with health issues like these, odds are you’re suffering from a sex hormone imbalance…

To be more specific… slowly, almost imperceptibly, your body and brain (and this may come as a complete shock) are being feminized.

You’re not alone.

As you may have noticed, millions of men are struggling with similar symptoms and issues.

In this special report, you’re going to discover what can be done to reclaim your masculinity, libido and even youth…

Thinking about taking a Testosterone supplement
or Prescription (TRT)?

If your body is slowly changing, one of the first things you may have considered to reverse the symptoms is testosterone supplementation.

You’ve probably seen one of those testosterone ads and commercials on TV…

You know the ones, right? Gorgeous women in the bedroom. Or the doctors in their labs. All talking about the wonders of injections and creams you can get.

Seductive advertising, isn’t it?

For men, it’s supposedly “a magic pill”.

Testosterone injections and creams promise to bring back your youth… bring back your vitality… bring back your libido… bring back erections.

However, is shooting yourself up with testosterone really that good of an idea?

When in the history of civilization were
men EVER taking testosterone?


That’s because it’s not healthy. It’s not natural.

If fact, it’s extremely risky, if not dangerous.

That’s because, according to multiple studies, supplementing with bioidentical, synthetic testosterone over time EXACERBATES estrogen dominance.

It makes it FAR WORSE. That’s because you’re not addressing the TRUE CAUSE of the feminization–the estrogen flooding your body.

Look at it this way: You don’t get man boobs from a lack of testosterone, you get man boobs from an abundance of estrogen.

Did you know there’s no vegetable or fruit… no type of meat that contains testosterone to eat?

That’s because testosterone is not a food. It’s not a nutrient.

Testosterone is supposed to be MADE by your body, not taken.

Testosterone supplementation is a VERY bad idea.

Don’t do it.

Why? Because the male body was designed to
MAKE Testosterone, not TAKE Testosterone.

Making testosterone is in our nature, as men.

That stated, testosterone supplementation HAS been on the market for some time, guys are doing it, so let’s address the subject head on.

Want to know what men who have been supplementing for a while have been discovering about testosterone?

They’re discovering after all the injections and creams, it isn’t working quite as well for them anymore…

Most common complaint?

Smaller testicles, loss of libido and bigger bellies.

As well as other feminine and unattractive attributes (such as loss of hair.)


Yeah sure, maybe it worked for a while.

But now? Not so much.

Why? Estrogen dominance. (We’ll discuss that in a moment.)

The situation gets worse…

Sure, testosterone supplementation may give you a boost. Yes, it may give you symptomatic relief for a while, yet…

Every day it’s in your blood,
you’re playing with fire

The damaging side effects of taking hormones become very clear and very permanent:

When you take bioidentical hormones, your body gradually loses its ability to make its own hormones altogether.

Not to mention you have to go and get re-tested, re-evaluated and get re-injected on a frequent basis.

No one disputes these facts.

Now maybe if you’ve got money to blow… and you’re willing to get monitored by a reputable doctor… and get checkups and lab tests and the like… then sure, you can supplement with testosterone…

But that’s only if you’re willing to submit to the idea you’re going to have to be monitored… frequently– FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Sounds kinda weird but, you’ll need to have a doctor give you hormones to regulate your hormones.

And if that’s your choice?
Then go for it. Who am I to stop you?

HOWEVER, some men would make that choice just because they don’t know there’s a better, far safer option.

They also don’t realize they’re taking a risk. They don’t understand the damage they’re doing.

Many guys don’t realize this until it’s too late, but testosterone supplementation causes the shocking breakdown of all your muscles later in life.

Your testicles start to shrink and atrophy. Then a little later in life?

You can’t make testosterone at all.

The well has run dry.

That’s no way to live, is it?

So what do men do? They turn to drugs like Viagra just to get it up.

Yeah, we all know “the little blue pill” gives you erections practically on demand. It’s shocking how many guys are prescribed it.

Did you know 30% of men over 40 use Viagra or an equivalent ED drug?!

Why so many? One major reason is men have too much ESTROGEN floating around in their system.

And it’s getting worse.

Estrogen is the female hormone, responsible for the feminine characteristics. Boobs. Fat. Smooth skin. More emotional, if you know what I mean.

Normally, testosterone is made in the testicles in men. And estrogen is made in the ovaries in women.

Unfortunately, for 5 critical reasons you’re about to discover, men are becoming estrogen dominant and as a result…

… their masculine characteristics are FADING and their female qualities are becoming more pronounced.

So the simple solution is supplementing
even more testosterone, right?

Supplementing testosterone and other ED drugs is NOT the solution. It’s not the answer.

It’s dangerous. And it will make matters WORSE.

Clinical studies have shown men who are treated with injectable forms of synthetic testosterone almost always end up making even more estrogen.

That’s scary, isn’t it?

The Solution…

The solution is to get the extra estrogen OUT of your body AND THEN ‘jumpstart’ your body to start making more testosterone. Naturally.

Are You Estrogen Dominant?

When you don’t make enough natural testosterone on your own… plus you’re piling on estrogen and estrogen-like chemicals in the food and environment… you start becoming estrogen dominant.

Besides the telltale feminizations your body is going through, one of the functions of estrogen is storing belly fat.

As soon as a man starts packing on belly fat? It’s a sure sign he’s becoming estrogen dominant.

What you don’t use you lose…

Even worse, the testosterone a man is already making begins to convert to estrogen via the aromatase enzyme reaction.

Yeah, you could say when it comes to testosterone, what you don’t use… You lose.


Not too surprisingly, aromatase is found most prevalently in fat cells.

So here’s the cruel reality:

The more body fat a man has, (especially around the gut,) the more estrogen he releases into his system…

It’s a vicious cycle (but it can be broken.)

Say goodbye to normal erections… normal sex drive… normal lifestyle… normal ambition, goals and adventure–everything masculine inside us.

That’s just the start…

The most common high estrogen symptoms in men include:

  • Sexual dysfunction ( low libido, decreased morning erections, decreased erectile function, erections that aren’t as “strong” as they once were )
  • Flabby chest fat (man boobs)
  • Lower urinary tract symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
  • Increased abdominal fat
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty building lean muscle mass
  • Emotional disturbances
  • Type 2 diabetes and obesity

With an abundance of female hormones coursing through their veins, men become content, complacent, passive and submissive.

Denied their maleness, they unknowingly become irritable, anxious and depressed.

“But how did I become
estrogen dominant, Mike?”

Ah, that’s the real issue, isn’t it?

Of course, you need to start MAKING more testosterone. That’s a given.

However, the news is bad.

Search the web and you’ll no doubt discover the problem today is you’re exposed to so many estrogens and estrogen copycats in so many ways…

  • In your water: Water bottles and other plastic containers are manufactured with a xenoestrogen (an estrogen mimicker) called Bisphenol-A (BPA). The feminizing effects of BPA are widely known…
  • In the meat and milk you’ve eaten since you were a child: Estrogen steroids are used to fatten up livestock…
  • In the fruits & vegetables you eat every day: There’s estrogen in the food due to abundant use of estrogen-like pesticides such as hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) as well in the plasticides when manufacturing eating utensils. There’s also phyto-estrogens in certain foods like soy…
  • In the air you breathe: Even benign things like air fresheners use dangerous estrogen-like chemicals (Think about those car air fresheners releasing estrogen mimickers into the air as you drive…)
  • On the receipts you get every day! Most of the receipts you get from the supermarket, gas station, sporting good stores, etc. are coated in the xenoestrogen BPA

You’ve got to appreciate, female hormones are in everything these days. It seem like there’s no escape.

But there is…

One simple way to detox
estrogen from your body…

There is a simple way to get the extra estrogen out and start living a normal life again.

All we need is one simple sour fruit in our diet.

Yes, I am talking about the LEMONS.

A little-known compound in
lemons can flush out extra estrogen

More importantly, I am referring to the bright yellow peel of the lemon. The peel itself is an excellent source of naturally occurring terpenes.

Terpenes are often used in cleaning products. (Terpentine?) However, there is a natural terpene called d-limonene.

A study at the University of Arizona Cancer Center has revealed d-limonene flushes extra estrogen in the liver as well as other impurities.

It also acts as an estrogen inhibitor, slowing the accumulation of estrogen.

For guys, d-limonene is
“The Estrogen Antidote.”

D-limonene can be found in most health food stores as a dietary supplement. However, it can be easily obtained by eating a whole lemon, peel and all.

The peel and inside spongy inner parts contain the highest content of limonene.

In fact, the average-sized lemon has about 300 mg of d-limonene.

Now if you are wondering how to eat the entire lemon including the peel, then look no further than a juicer or better yet a Vitamix.

Juice it and you’re good to go for the day.

Just make be sure to choose organic variety. Since pesticides are known for dangerous xenoestrogens.

With d-limonene supplementation, you’ve effectively handled the first of the the five ways to reclaim your masculinity and the body you had.

Flushing excess estrogen is a start, yet…

To rebalance our hormones and reclaim our manhood, we’ve got to start doing these

#1 Start getting the extra estrogen out of the body

#2 Start making more testosterone naturally

#3 Stop the conversion of unused testosterone into estrogen

#4 Stop ingesting fake estrogen in the food, water and air

#5 Start melting estrogen-producing belly fat

With this protocol, we have to be PROACTIVE, GUARD and DEFEND our masculinity and what
makes us men at a biological level.

As you can appreciate, there’s a lot of confusion about testosterone.

A lot of misinformation out there, too.

That’s why my friend and colleague, Dr. Richard Cohen, M.D. and I have collaborated on the definitive testosterone-building program…

The Truth About Testosterone: Regain Your Youthful, Sexual, Mental & Physical Vigor and Vitality

The TRUTH About Testosterone: Regain your Youthful, Sexual, Mental and Physical Vigor and Vitality gives you the easy program you need to:

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  • Get lean: How to shuttle testosterone into building strong, lean muscle.
  • The best activity to stimulate testosterone production…
  • The best testosterone enhancing diet
  • Celibate or not? What’s the best strategy?
  • Medications which suppress testosterone release…
  • How to get rid of excitotoxins
  • Why the most popular testosterone boosting alternatives may be doing your body MORE harm than good
  • The 9 testosterone friendly fruits nobody wants you to know about
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The TRUTH About Testosterone can rejuvenate your manhood, your sexual relationships and your health.

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Yours in good health,

Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist
and Dr. Richard Cohen, M.D.

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Dr. Richard Cohen, M.D. has been using diet, nutritional supplements, natural hormones, and hormone precursors to improve health and performance for countless men over the past decade. He graduated with honors from Duke University and obtained his medical degree from Hahnemann Medical University in Pennsylvania. Dr. Cohen is a member of several professional organizations, including the American College for the Advancement of Medicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. [ix]

Mike Geary has been a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer for 15 years – but he’s been studying nutrition and exercise for almost 25 years now. He is the author of the bestselling ebook, The Truth about Six Pack Abs – which has sold over 1 million copies in several languages, as well as the best-sellers The Fat Burning Kitchen, Do This, Burn Fat: 101 Sneaky Fat Loss Tricks, and The Top 101 Foods that FIGHT Aging.