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"If you've struggled for months, or years, to lose your stubborn belly fat, it's time you learned the truth - It's NOT your fault!

The truth, and something that's been hidden from you for years, is REAL weight loss is about unlocking and using your body’s 'Secret Tricks' to help you win the unfair battle you fight with your stubborn fat..."

Tricks like…
  • Alcohol and fat loss?! Yep, it's true!  You really can enjoy some alcohol AND still lose weight... but you must follow this trick exactly, because alcohol can be very tricky when trying to lose weight.
  • The "high-low trick": A 2-step tactic to get rid of embarrassing chest fat for good!
  • The "vacuum trick": No, it has nothing to do with lyposuction...but it could strip as much as 1 full inch from your waist in just 30 days!
  • The "boob tube trick": A funny technique for how you watch TV that can actually help you lose weight fast! (It's true!)
  • The "post workout fat melting elixir": This drink has been used for over 4,000 years, but only recently has it also been discovered to BOOST your body's ability to burn fat, especially after a workout (and no... it's not a supplement).
"Some Tricks Are Weird, Some Are Easy, (And A Few Are Downright Crazy)...

... But Every Single Trick You're About to Discover Will Melt Away Your Stubborn Fat Quickly & Easily, While Naturally Boosting Your Metabolism

By: Mike Geary - Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert, best-selling author, &
Jeff Anderson - Certified Fitness & Nutrition Expert, best-selling author


Dear friend,

Over the last 10 plus years, between the two of us, Jeff and I have helped thousands upon thousands of people lose weight (it’s actually too many to give an accurate count because we’ve sold well over 1 million weight loss programs between the two of us).

Some people lost a few pounds, some lost a LOT…

… Some “only” lost a couple inches off their waist, and others lost over 10.

And quite honestly, some folks struggled, and some never saw any positive results.

However, when we looked a little closer at all of the testimonials, frustrations, stories, and questions we were receiving, something amazing started popping up over and over...

... Many clients transformed their bodies and lives, as if by magic.

Many lost unheard of amounts of fat in their first 7 DAYS, and kept it off, boosted their energy, shrunk their waist, and did it in relatively short periods of time - sometimes as little as a few weeks

Others always struggled.  Struggled with the workouts, or didn’t stick with the diet, which means they may have lost weight, but it always came back, and they usually felt horrible.

They became depressed, their bodies aged rapidly and they felt like losers.

Did the people who struggled have something wrong with them?  

Were they destined to remain fat, with no energy, while also aging rapidly?  Were the people that succeeded better?  Did they have secret powers or better genes or some sort of magical metabolism that helped them almost effortlessly lose weight?

Here's a secret...

Those amazing people that lost fat quickly and easily, boosted their energy and discovered their 'fountain of youth' were just like YOU...

They didn’t possess secret gifts, have super will power, or "skinny genes" that made it easier for them to lose weight and keep it off…
The truth is that the people who achieve AMAING results, including losing up to 10 pounds in a single week, simply discovered that your body has secrets...

... Secrets that once unlocked and used, make fat loss almost effortless and knowing your body's "secret tricks' allows you to...

... Burn your stubborn stomach fat, and wake up EVERY morning feeling refreshed and energized with an endless amount of energy and motivation!

Don't make this any tougher than it is (which is pretty darn easy)

You're about to discover an amazing collection of the FASTEST, most EFFECTIVE (and sometimes weird) fat-burning, energy-boosting, and age-fighting tricks used to help our clients achieve amazing results in record time!

If there's one thing I've learned in almost 25 years as a fitness professional and weight loss coach, it's this...

It really only takes 1 or 2 SMALL CHANGES to DRAMATICALLY change the way your body looks!

That's it! Just a few tweaks to the way you eat or the way you remain active during the day and that excess fat that's been frustratingly holding on for dear life suddenly "gives up" and melts off your body day after day!

That's why over the last several years, I've been pouring over medical journals, magazines, and my own research notes, looking for simple, easy-to-follow "quick tips" that absolutely ANYONE can add to their current weight loss program and...

...Start Seeing Results IMMEDIATELY!

THAT'S what "Do This, Burn Fat: 101 Sneaky Weight Loss Tricks" offers you!

In fact, you'll laugh out loud at how crazy some of these "quick tips" sound...but you can't argue with science and each one of these strategies is backed by hard evidence of their effectiveness at helping you take control over the excess fat you've built up!

It's all available right now as an instant download and you can listen in as I quickly layout the simple techniques you can put to use right away tor fine-tune your nutrition, kick up your metabolism, and enjoy skyrocketing motivation!

Here's what you're about to discover...

"Sneaky Food Tricks" That Will Make You Feel Like You're CHEATING When You're Actually Melting Through Fat Like A Hot Knife Through Butter!

Losing weight never tasted so good! In fact, with these underhanded food strategies, you'll never use the word "diet" again!

Here are a few more of the amazingly simple nutrition tricks you're about to discover...
  • Trick #1: The simple twist to your morning routine that INSTANTLY jumpstarts your metabolism and boosts fat-burning by as much as 30%!
  • Trick #5: The beverage you've been WARNED to stay away from...but new-found studies reveal the shocking health benefits jam packed in this potent anti-aging/fat-burning "elixer"!
  • Trick #15: The amazing "super food" that in one clinical study, dissolved away more than 10 extra pounds in twelve weeks...WITHOUT DIETING or any other lifestyle changes!
  • Trick #24: Your "Emergency Response Plan" for those times when you know you ate too much and you're worried those extra calories are speeding straight toward your hips, belly, and thighs! (This little trick will save your ass - literally - and divert your fat-storing hormones just in the nick of time!)
  • Trick #40: Do you REALLY possess "psychic powers" that can tap into the energy field of all around you and serve as your guide in eating better than ever before (even if those foods were once considered "bad" for you)?  WARNING: This technique is going to totally freak you out the first time you try it. But it's really not "paranormal activity"'s SCIENCE! (Freaky science...but science nonetheless!)
  • Trick #10:  Alcohol and fat loss?! Yep, it's true!  You really can enjoy some alcohol AND still lose weight... but you must follow this trick exactly, because alcohol can be very tricky when trying to lose weight.
  • Trick #16:  Eat this delicious "super food" and not only boost your metabolism, but also control blood sugar, improve the health of your joints and skin, satisfy your appetite, and help control your blood pressure!
... And Much, Much More!

"Sneaky Exercise Tricks" That Put An End To Gut-Wrenching Workouts And Reveal How To Burn MORE Fat With LESS Effort Than Ever Before!

Losing weight is NOT about slapping on layers and layers of sweats and running 10 miles on the treadmill, or spending every waking moment in the gym.  That's actually one of the WORST things you could possibly do for your body (strange, yet true!)

The fact is, there are "sneaky" little ways you can burn extra calories all day long that you've never thought of yet have proven to be incredibly effective at destroying body fat to help you lose more and more weight every single day!

Check out what you'll find in this energizing "secret weapon" training arsenal...
  • Trick #55: How to use your CAR as your own personal "mobile gym"! (No, you won't be doing any pullups while speeding down the highway at 85mph. But you WILL see how just a simple 2 minute workout can have a major impact on your waistline!)
  • Trick #57: SHOCKING! Japanese researchers unlocked a strange biological trigger that tricks the brain into REDUCING blood sugar and short-circuiting fat storage...even WHILE you watch TV!
  • Trick #69: The most overlooked exercise strategy that even the "big boys" at the gym are unaware of...but when YOU use this technique, you'll NATURALLY raise your age-defying, fat melting Growth Hormone levels by as much as 4,000% (No...that is NOT a typo)!
  • Trick #70: I NEVER see anyone using this exercise technique in public but this "mini-workout" is a powerful way to work your muscles for an instant metabolic turbo-boost (works especially well at work)!
  • Trick #74: "Spot-reduce" ab fat? They say it can't be done! Or can it? Give this little training strategy a try and decide for yourself when you look in the mirror just 10 days from now!
  • Trick #51: Don't like the idea of long, drawn out workouts?  Neither do I!  Give this ultra-simple workout technique a try that cuts your workout time down to just 2 MINUTES!  This is especially helpful to do before meals, or if you're feeling "sluggish" throughout the day.
  • Trick #67: The "Booty Tightener":  This simple, yet very effective trick helps to tighten, lift, and firm your booty... a body part that makes men drool, and other women envious!
  • Bonus Trick #106:  The "Pre Meal" 30-Second Workout!  This simple and sneaky little trick does a couple things.  First, it boosts your pre-eating metabolism so that you'll burn more of those calories you're consuming (nature's fat burner!).  Second, it acts as an appetite suppressant so you won't eat as much during your meal... and you're still working your muscles, so you'll also end up looking leaner, stronger, and more fit.  What a great combination... and it only takes 30-seconds!
... And Much, Much More!

"Sneaky Motivation Tricks" That Empower You With White Hot Enthusiasm While Your Friends & Co-Workers Wonder What "Secrets" You're Keeping From Them! (And Why You Can't Stop Smiling!)

Never again fear the humiliating failure of "trying" a weight loss program and then quitting a few weeks or months down the road!

The simple "quick tips" you'll discover in this earth-shaking audio program is all you need to eliminate ANY doubt from your mind that you will completely transform your body, mind, health, and spirit...for good!

In fact, you're about to discover...
  • Trick #82: How a cheap BIRTHDAY CARD can act as your "crystal ball" into the future and help you stay on track with your fat-burning efforts!
  • Trick #90: Don't feel like getting to the gym or your exercise class! This is THE #1 secret for destroying all of those saved up excuses and even enjoying your workouts more!
  • Trick #93: A lesson from your kids about how to avoid "boredom eating" when you have nothing to do and are just sitting around your home! (Boredom has destroyed many a diet...but this "aha" moment will reveal the little known tactic that makes raiding the fridge virtually impossible...and you won't even miss it!)
  • Trick #94: Stop hiding from your co-workers when they bring donuts or head out for fast food! There's a better way to avoid temptation!
  • Trick #99: A CANDLE that can naturally balance hormones, build muscle, AND burn fat?! It's true!
  • Trick #84:  The "Brain Game"  This simple little game may go a little "negative," but it is incredibly effective at keeping you motivated and progressing toward your fat loss goal.  This is especially effective if you try multiple diets and workout programs in a year, and never stick to any one program.

... And Much, Much More!

As you can plainly see, even just ONE of these amazing secrets can make a world of difference in your ability to get better and faster results from your weight loss program!

Remember, this is not a diet or workout program...

… just simple tips and tricks you can start using TODAY (like 5-minutes from now), to start burning more fat, boosting your metabolism, strengthening muscles, melting away stomach fat, improving your health and fighting the aging process.

We’ve made this as simple as possible for you to use as a quick reference that you can come back to over and over again, as well as share with your friends, co-workers, family members, and loved ones.

Honestly – we want you to share the tips and tricks that you find useful!

If one of these tricks gets helps you to finally lose that stubborn weight, stick to your workout program, or keep you motivated to make a permanent lifestyle change, then you should take that information and share it with other people who are struggling.

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